The PYBC runs a variety of keelboat racing throughout the year and all races are open to members of any yacht club. PYBC has a stable fleet of keen racers that enjoy the competitive racing that the club offers.

Yacht Racing – Program

The Summer Season kicks off after the Labour Day weekend with our opening day race which is always a fantastic way to say goodbye to winter.

Over the summer months we run a weekly Twilight series every Thursday night which is a great for breaking up the work week with some very close quarters river racing. The club also includes harbour and destination races throughout the season for some open water competitive racing. When the summer series comes to a close and the days get shorter our winter series gets underway, this series rakes in great numbers as the close river races run every second Sunday afternoon making sure that the sailors keep an acceptable amount of salt in their veins through the winter months.

Sailing Dates 2014-15

2014-15 PYBC Calendar – TBC

Sailing Instructions

Please refer to the current PYBC yearbook.

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