At the Panmure Yacht and Boating Club, we pride ourselves as DIY Boaties. The yard is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who have the facilities to haul boats up to 12 Tonnes.

Haul Out

The Team will do most of the hauling and are always happy to help or to give appropriate advice. Your responsibilities are to set up your cradle (available to hire) and to get your boat into position.

We are tide dependent and limited to a maximum draft of 7 feet on a spring tide. Multi-hulls (max. 9 tonne with a beam no greater than 7m) are also welcome.

As a member you enjoy reasonable rates and have the option to haul your boat for a quick hull clean, overnight stay on the slip or for those who have a bit more to do and need a longer stay, your boat can be moved into the yard where there is power, water and a compressor available.

Members rates are as follows:

  • Quick-haul (up, use of the water-blaster, and down on same tide); 8 ton or less – $50 (Multi’s – $80)
  • Quick-haul (up, use of the water-blaster, and down on same tide); 8 – 12 ton – $75
  • Additional day on slipway – $20
  • Water-blaster up to 30 minutes – $15
  • Monohulls 0-12 weeks – $15 per day
  • Monohulls 13-25 weeks $25 per day
  • Monohulls Over 25 weeks $35 per day
  • Multihulls 0 – 12 weeks $22.50 per day
  • Multihulls 13-25 weeks $37.50 per day
  • Multihulls Over 25 weeks $52.50 per day

* All rates above double for non-members

Should you wish to haul your boat please fill in the application form or contact us

Dinghy Lockers

Most of the moorings on the Tamaki River are either swing or pile moorings and we are therefore dependent on our dinghies for access to our boats. We have around 200 dinghy lockers beneath the Club Rooms for our members to rent.

Although we have a good number of racks, there are times where we have a waiting list and when this is the case, they are allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The booking form can be found here.


There are numerous swing and pile moorings on the Tamaki River. Many are privately owned and the balance are owned by the Auckland Harbour Master. All moorings are administered by the Auckland Harbour Master.

There are often moorings for sale or rent and we advertise these in our classifieds section on this site.

Jetty Workberths $15.00 per day

The jetty is available for the loading and unloading of members vessels on the outside of the pontoon (up to 15 minutes at a time – please be considerate if other members are waiting).

Bookings can be taken for the work berths (not available on river race days – summer Thursdays, winter Sundays). – 24 hour booking time – 0800 – 0800 next day